Welcome to the new world, hand-made stationery !

Hello, geek of stationery !!!

I have a blog about Hyper Organized Day Planner(“Chou Seiri Techou”) in Japanese.
I have been hesitating to write my blog in English for a long time because of my poor English.

However, I made up my mind to break new ground by writing it in English.


I am interested in stationery, especially making of covers for Day Planners by hand with leather and electrical parts. Moreover, I am interested in how to choose which tool to use, a paper based Day Planner or a digital based PDA(smart phone). I am also interested in making various types of Day Planner sheets. 

The Hyper Organized Day Planner is very unique and popular in Japan. It was invented by Dr.Yukio Noguchi, who was an affiliate professor at Stanford University. His specialized fields are investment finance and Japanese economy. He is also very interested in time management. 

The Hyper Organized Day planner was officially released in 1996. It’s schedule sheets are accordion-style folds with 8 weeks on one sheet. We can look down at a wide range of dates to make a plan or to make appointments. A4 size papers are inserted into the leather cover without having to make reductions. In Japan, A4 is the standard size for business documents like a letter size in the U.S. 

I wish I could communicate with friends who are interested in the same fields, especially in hand made products.

Please do not hesitate to make comments on my articles.

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  1. Scott Cheatham

    I am curious as to where these planners could be purchased in the U.S.? Are there A4 templates somewhere you can print? email me at “pastor.cheatham@gmail.com” for details if you have any.

  2. CitrusBitter

    Thank you very much for your comments.
    The following address is the special site for Hyper Organized Day Planner. There are a lot of refills you can download free of charge. You can find various type of refills. Unfortunately those are in Japanese. However I think you can use some of them like memo sheets,to-do sheets,schedule sheets.


    If you have more interests about this planner, please refer to my blog in Japanese. You can find a lot of articles about how to make planner’s leather cover, how to make refills using EXCEL, how to make accessories for planners like super mini-size LED reading lights, and so on. Unfortunately those articles are in Japanese. However, being a lot of pictures, you can guess the themes on them.

    My handle name “CitrusBitter” is “柑橘系ビター” in Japanese.

    If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  3. libraryqueen

    Can you post some of the best links for creating your own calendar and making your own planner?
    I really hope this company decides to make an English verison of their website. I really think this would offer an amazing alternative to current day planners!
    So glad I found your website!