Super long size Accordion-style Schedule Sheet

The standard schedule sheet for the Hyper Organized Day Planner(“Chou Seiri Techou”) on the market has accordion-style folds with 8 weeks on one two-sided sheet. However, I need a much longer term sheet. Therefore, I made my own special sheet. The standard sheet is one week on one page. However, my one is one week on a double-page spread. My one has double the space to write in.
I made it with an excel spreadsheet. I just have to input the beginning date of the schedule sheet and all items are automatically displayed, that is, the day of the week, the holidays, an old Chinese divination called “rokuyou”, and a small two months calendar.
I make a print of it on roll paper. I usually put about 24 weeks per sheet. After using half of this sheet, I can cut off the used part and attach another half sheet. In this way, I can look down at a maximum of 24 weeks, and a minimum of 12 weeks all time to make plans or appointments.

Fig.1:schedule sheets of 62 weeks(about 15 months)
This picture is 3D. If you keep a vacant eye on the left picture with your left eye and the right picture with your right eye, these two pictures move toward each other. Then the two overlap. You can view it stereoscopically. You need to train yourself a little. 

Fig.2:one week with a double-page spread, and a small two months calendar are also automatically displayed.

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  1. libraryqueen

    This photo made me drool!
    I’d like to ask, where did you purchase the roll of paper?
    Then, how did you fold it?
    Finally, I know I posted another comment on another site, but can you please make a post about some of the best sites on the web for Japanese calendar downloads and sites that show you how to make your own planner?
    Thank you so much!

  2. CitrusBitter

    Thank you for your comments.
    I love to make a Day Planner by myself. And I love to make friends of such friends.

    ●You can purchase rolls of paper as follows. I am not sure that this the best one or not.ジョインテックス-普通ロール紙-A4-A055J/dp/B003COUYK2

    ●I fold it by hands. I have a small know-how to fold long size papers. But, It’s difficult to explain it. If you eager to make long size schedule sheet, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

    ●This site shows you precise all items of Japanese calendar.

    This site show you big Japanese 1 month calendar.

    This site show you A4-size Japanese calendars.

    This site show you schedule sheet of 2011 made by a Hyper Organized Day Planner user.

    These are refills for the Hyper Organized Day Planner.

    ●Please refer to my Hyper Organized Day Planner official sites. However, sorry for inconveniences because of in Japanese.

    PLease do not hesitate to contact with me. I am very glad to help you to make Day Planners.