Hand Made Internet Wifi Radio Receiver

Today I’m going to introduce an internet Wifi radio.
What is an internet Wifi radio?
A broadcast is transmitted through radio waves with a traditional radio ,while it is transmitted through the internet with an internet radio.
You can listen to the internet radio with PCs using a special soft like RealPlayer. You can also listen to the internet radio with a special receiver. When you listen with PCs, you’ll hear lots of noise coming out of PC circuits, however, when you listen with a special receiver, you can listen to the music without noise.

I made a very special internet radio receiver. The features are as follows:

1. using a tube amplifier
2. using battery-operated tubes (cf. Ordinary tubes are operated with AC.)
3. special separated stereo speakers

By using a tube with an amplifier, warm, gentle, nostalgic sound is provided.
By using battery-operated tubes, you can listen without ham noise.

By using separated stereo speakers, you can set them wherever you like. At a glance, they are ordinary-looking,however they have a very unique function; full-range speakers are set in the front sides, tweeters in the back sides. If you set a speaker at an angle, you can regulate the loudness of the front and back speakers.
The box of the radio is made of wood. It creates a stodgy and staid atmosphere. Several tens of thousands of radio stations are broadcasting music and news at all hours. You can select your special stations, and preset them as you like.

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