Today I’m going to introduce the electric adjustable walking stick. 

For old people a walking stick is an essential tool. My mother cannot walk without a stick. When you climb up the stairs, it is slightly easier to use a shorter stick.

On the contrary, when you go down the stairs, it is easier to use a slightly longer stick. However, a quick adjustment of the stick length is not easy for old people.

A long-awaited magic stick has been created. This revolutionary breakthrough resolves the problem old people are facing. The magic stick named KODUECHAN is very simple in appearance. On the face of it, it looks like an ordinary walking stick. However, you can adjust the length of the stick with just one push of a switch. Continuously variable adjustment with a motor from 70cm to 95cm is possible. This stick is made of three-stage aluminium tubes. The first stage can be moved by hand, the second stage tube is moved with a motor.

For example, when you get up from a chair, you can set the stick to a length of 70cm. When you walk on a flat road, you can lengthen it to 80cm. When you climb up the stairs, you can shorten it to 75cm in length, and when you go down the stairs, you can lengthen it again to 90cm. When you carry it in your bag, you can shorten it by hand to 45cm.

Tailored to the individual environment, you can quickly adjust it’s length minutely. Earlier than Respect-for-Senior-Citizens-Day, I gave it to my old mother. She got great pleasure from the magical tool.

This magical tool has been created with not only power of idea but also high technological skills. There is no looseness in the joints, it is lightweight despite a built-in motor and batteries, and the product is highly reliable. The company also provide quick repairs in the event of a emergent fault, which are realized with ITK’s high technological skills and it’s persistence to winning customer trust. The high-precision processing technology by ITK makes possible the creation of the sophisticated joints, with the detailed care of nonslip resins which are set on the grip, when you stand the stick against the wall or the table it does not fall down thanks to those resins.

SHINSUKESAN is a brother product of KODUECHAN. It is made of two-stage aluminium tubes. You can stretch SHINSUKESAN from 60cm to 100cm. You can stretch and shorten it by 40cm in length with a motor. On the contrary, you can lengthen KODUECHAN from 75cm to 90cm with a motor. You can lengthen and shorten it by 25cm with a motor and 25cm by hand. The minimum length of SHINSUKESAN is 60cm, so you cannot carry it in your bag. But the range of adjustment with the motor is wider.

ITK is the maker of this magical tool. One of the company’s credos is “Impossible is possible”. The company president is a versatile inventor. He invented a lot of innovative products. I hope he creates many more dreamy and exciting things.


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  1. Sand Seo

    This whole blog is written with unique ideas. It fully explains the different tragedies happen in old age or in accidental conditions. The information about the steps taken by people, related to the aging and the needs of walking aid like medical walkers, walking sticks is really good. Thank you for sharing this knowledgeable information with us.