Sakakibara – Hot spring – one of my favorite Onsens in Japan –

There are so many onsens in Japan.
The spa of Sakakibara is one of may favorite Onsens in Japan.

The very old essay Makurano-soshi published in the year of about 996 describes Nanakuri-Onsen, Arima-Onsen and Tamatsukuri-Onsen as the most popular 3 Onsens in Japan.
It seems that Sakakibara-Onsen was called Nanakuri-Onsen at that time.


Sakakibara-kan is the best hotel in Sakakibara-Onsen.
Inside the hotel they have the source of hot spring.
The temperature of the source of hot spring is relatively low 32.5  degree Celsius.
So you can taking a bath so long time.
I usually taking a bath for over one hour.
However, you don’t feel cold.
You can taking a bath in the another bath tab which temperature is about 42 degree Celsius.
As the quality of the hot spring is very high, you can enjoy every minute of the graceful touch of the spa.

It is said that before visiting Ise-shrine, the Emperor performed a purifying ritual at Sakakibara-Onsen.




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